Beats Rhymes & Life -- A Tribe Called Quest Documentary

Wow. NPR usually depresses me (even though I love it) with their news briefings and saddened stories. Today they threw me a real zinger though--discussing the new documentary about the legendary hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest.

Hip Hop royalty

I was unaware of this development before now, so I commend you if you had picked that up earlier. What fantastic news. I wish I could fully articulate how elated I am just because of this movie's existence. Like Nas referred to them as "The Beatles of hip hop," they are the founding fathers. They solidified what real, true hip hop actually meant. Meant, in the past tense, because there's mainly garbage out there nowadays. At least in the mainstream. And yeah, maybe I'm a white girl from Maine, but I can recognize their passion, their wit, their poetics. Quest's music is timeless. It can compete with anyone who has ever surfaced and anyone that will. There simply is no competition. To know that starting tomorrow, I'll be able to watch an entire two hours or so unfold about their lives and why they disbanded, it brings hip hop tears to my eyes. Tears of lyrical joy.

The big question popped during the movie will mainly consist of whether or not they're going to make music history and start producing again. Honestly, I'm just happy to be able to watch Phife, Q-Tip, and Ali (occasionally Jarobi) in action. The money I would pay to see them in concert--and yet, you know they're not about the dough; they would never charge obscene amounts for tickets like the rest of the musical world.  I have goosebumps just thinking about it...check out the trailer for yourself, and visit the website to see when it will be available in your neck of the woods by clicking here.


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