Do you believe in ghosts?

The Spalding Inn

This weekend I visited Northern New Hampshire to celebrate a bunch of 59 & 60 year olds' 40th high school reunion. My mom used it as a reason to get the family together, and I don't blame her. The White Mountain region up there is rich in vacation value. There's ample hiking, mini waterfalls, natural swimming pools, animals, warm sun, etc. I love it. My mom has constantly brought us there while weaving in folklore and family stories, so it's always had this warm family tie to the region and it always evokes nostalgia when I go.

Partnered with the stories, it's exhilarating to get riled up about New England's nature and history. You start to wonder about bears along the hiking trails and whether you're going to have to slam on the brakes at 11:00 at night to avoid getting killed by a moose through your windshield. You also strain to remember the semi eerie stories of avalanches, underground railroads, and the old days in general deep in the mountains. All the crazy things the White Mountain region experienced according to my mom.

We stayed at a nice resort plopped down in the middle of a luscious field of green grass surrounded by even more luscious green trees. When you show up to this type of place at midnight, however, it looks a little more like a snow covered, deserted, sprawling inn filled with ghosts, and you half expect Jack Nicholson to run screaming out of the front door. The next day, we headed off to the dinner down the street, at The Spalding Inn. This quaint, cottage type accommodation looked inviting, in it's old New England charm kind of way. We soon learned that the place was riddled with ghosts, to the point where the actual Ghost Hunters guys from the Syfy channel purchased the inn and proceeded to film one of the episodes there.

Apparently the carriage house in the back of the property has the most "activity," and I immediately looked out the back windows of the dining room as soon as I heard to see if anyone popped up in the windows. There's something about ghosts that I'm fascinated with and extremely frightened of at the same time. As long as I'm with a few other people, I could probably stick out a couple of hours in a decrepit sanatorium. The unknown aspects of hauntings and ghost stories make most people unsure about whether or not these things really exist, and you have to admit it's thrilling to discuss in various attempts to freak one another out. We didn't try to do much ghost hunting of our own, but it reignited my interest in exploring Salem and other places in Massachusetts this year. You should do the same.


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