Hop on the Bandwagon

It's incredibly popular in our culture to proclaim intangible property rights on a new team, song, band, idea, movement...basically anything.

Bandwagon, literally

"I was there first..."
"But, I've been listening to them for over a year now..."
"I was wearing jeggings like, 6 months ago!"

Even though, there was most likely always someone else who beat you to it. You just don't know it. But don't worry, out of your insignificant group of friends who don't even care about your firsts, you were no doubt everyone's introduction to Florence and the Machine. I mean, you knew about them before Florence realized she even had a machine. Totally.

This is one of those cultural constants that has stayed with us since 3rd grade when it all started. "My mom bought Shark Bites first!!!" Ok, Billy, we get it. Your mom's the one with no career path who stays at home loading up the snack cupboards so your friends will pretend to like you. It's okay. You'll lose all of this supposed coolness much later in life. And yet, we never lose this tendency to claim that we're better than anyone else who wasn't aware of Nicki Minaj's new video last week. No offense, (and I do this, too) but doesn't that mean the latter have a bit more of a life? Not to mention, I don't always have the time to dig up weird music and follow every single sports team in the city of Boston. And yet, there's this negative term the "bandwagoner."

Here are some things I totally knew first...or at least followed from the start:
--the band Phoenix
--the iPhone (had that original gangsta back in '08)
--"American Boy" by Estelle
--Any music heard while I was abroad. That was all us before any American based folk caught on. Think Fedde le Grand's "Put your hands up"
--Any fashion I saw while I was abroad. Booties anyone? Leather jackets make a comeback?
--US men's and women's soccer teams
--Empire of the Sun's song "Walking on a dream"
--Game of Thrones

And, admittedly, here are the wagons I've snuck in on:
--The Bruins. I loved hockey in high school though.
--Shearling lined boots; I refused Uggs for the longest time. And still do--I prefer Minnetonkas
--Jewelry. Still can't find a desire to wear much of it, besides earrings
--Well, blogging
--Onions (Does this count? I used to hate them)
--True Blood, Mad Men (best decisions of my life)
--Running, may have something to do with my job
--Pizza with ranch dressing (second best decision of my life)

Trends I still have yet to pick up
--Most of reality TV
--Obsession with entertainment news
--Glee, musicals in general. Really make me want to die.

Be honest, what things have you pretended to like from the beginning, but really didn't care about until last week? It's okay, we understand that the video about cats was preoccupying your time for so long. I'm sure I'll only be bandwagoning more as I get older; I already find myself acting like my parents when thinking about the new technologies offered. Oh well.


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