I am a girl after all!

When my parents first saw me on ultrasound and realized, "Oh shit...we're actually going to have to stick together and make this work," the doc initially thought I was a dude. No, it's not because I had any other parts lying around, although it is still funny the 1000th time I hear that joke when I tell the story of my conception (not). It must've been the sight of my incredibly large head, which of course showcases my even more large and talented brain. Obviously, only men have these kind of brain capacities, so it's an honest mistake. Maybe next time, doc. Just don't misdiagnose the kid with severe birth complications. Could get awkward in the waiting room.

The original point of this post is about my tendency to swing with the gents and yet I demonstrate at the same time subtle hints of femininity. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, and my high school was predominantly male (Seriously. It turned coed a year before I went there, and my father was forced to scrap together 25 females to begin a soccer team, of which maybe 4 had actually touched a soccer ball before gametime. No offense, those girls had heart and we eventually became a powerhouse in only a few years). The point is, I'm never really sure what to do around a gaggle of girls, but I have these hidden obsessions/collections with girly things like shoes and scarves. My neighborhood was mostly boys, and although barbies and American girl dolls were my thang, I was more often found outback digging up worms, playing spy games with my cousin, or unearthing secret xxx videos with the neighborhood friends under my brother's couch. I've got some sort of strange yin and yang balance in my head, where I don't understand the concept of being excited for the awards show season and yet I love my Laura Mercier sheer creme glow.

Here are some of my favorite guilty pleasures, in a his & her fashion to describe one multifaceted personality:


     i have a penchant for douchey, alpha male tv characters

One of these things is not like the other one...sorry, Larry, you ain't hot. And yet, they are all successful, smart, interesting gents. Well done. Just don't pay attention to khal drogo's corset.

     mmm, the great outdoors


Bears, snakes, moose. The thrill of near death is always fun, while scrapes, bug bites, bruises, and scars leave some serious souvenirs (have you seen my chin? It's okay, you don't have to tell me it adds character). A girls gotta get dirty, as Xtina said. And scary stories are always a must. I was that asshole that scared everyone at the sleepover. I love getting yelled at by other people's parents (a big thanks to Erin & Eliza).


     contrary to popular belief, i am not naturally this pretty all the time

Yves Saint Laurent's Faux Cils mascara is unreal. Trust me, I'm the type of person who would much rather buy drugstore brand make up for a solid $5-10 than splurge on something that does basically the same thing. That's how I felt until I met Yves (must be the French). It's kind of indescribable until you try it--it always goes on perfectly and doesn't clump. It lengthens, thickens, and basically does exactly what you want it to do. 

Laura Mercier's Sheer Creme Glow is something that was originally forced on me at Henri Bendel. I hate when sales people make you try things, since it's usually a product I would never buy or it's an item that doesn't ever wow me. This stuff is really neat though; it's basically an illuminator for your cheekbones (and corners of the eyes). You dab it lightly on those areas and it creates a nice subtle highlighting effect. Really cool stuff.

     omg, shoes!


 The pump is from Isola, a sub brand of the women's comfort footwear company Sofft. As a result, it is incredibly comfortable. I love the fact that it differentiates itself from the rest of the nude color heels out there with its gold speckled cork heel and lift under the toes. Anytime there's some height under the ball of the foot is joy to a woman's eyes, and feet, because it adds height to our legs without adding severe pain from such rigid angle. 

The flat is from FSNY and while it's difficult to tell from the picture, it has a snake print of sorts. I have been meaning to get a pair of these for a while, and I loved the extra lift in the heel and the intricacies of the subtle pattern with black on black. It makes it worthwhile to spend a bit more on a flat since it's not just your run of the mill black leather flat.

Don't worry though. I'll never cheerlead, get my hair dyed, or give two shits about whether or not my workout clothes match.


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