Why do I even watch TV

I don't even know why I watch television. Does anyone else feel the same way? I don't tend to watch that much of it in general, but anytime I turn on Bravo, it's like someone's eating away at my soul. Whoever pushed this reality TV craze off the edge should be burned at the stake. People are "famous" for being manipulated by dimwitted producers to stir up so-called drama within the superficial, inauthentic team of bimbos that they've recruited for these cracked out series. 

Not that Bravo's the only culprit; MTV, VH1, E!...they're all guilty. I feel like a shitty person for even knowing what channels they're on since it makes it pretty evident that I've actually watched a few episodes.  Television production companies create far too many projects and series that just end up under the "filler" category in my book. Not to mention, people don't need to watch this much TV anyway! I probably sound like my father, but you might feel dull and peeved after watching these shows because they're seriously not good for the brain. It hurts my eyes and ears to listen to Real Housewives' reunions. I flipped between that and Shark Week the other night for a solid 10-15 minutes, and I honestly couldn't tell the difference. Only, Sharks are silent predators, whereas the nightmare wenches of Bravo TV sound like screaming banshees. 

And then she talked behind your back.
No!!! How could she!!
Say it to my face. (Now, repeat)

You have to admit, it's outrageously aggravating and ironic that people curse our President and government for failing to keep our economy afloat, but most of the population knows more about Snooki and her counterparts than whether or not they've reached a final decision in the debt conundrum (final decision? no. temporary? kind of). Friends update their statuses and argue over Panera broccoli cheddar soup about how "the Republicans ruined their lives" or how "Obama has singlehandedly destroyed our government." In actuality, they haven't even bothered to dip below the surface of what everyone's Twitter updates have said about the Congress in order to investigate what's really going on. That would require reading or listening to major neutral news networks like NPR, or anything but Fox. 

There are so many creative, alluring television programs out there that are the results of someone's hard work and determination. We should support these series that are born from talented screenwriters and produced by people who appreciate the arts in all forms. Real, live actors are hired to play the various roles, and a plot line evolves from that first episode into a whirlwind of characters and bad decisions (sometimes good) that illustrates the vast array of human behaviors one could encounter in a lifetime. It's far more fascinating. Give me HBO and AMC, and I'll be all right. 

And don't even bother bringing up contestant shows. Don't waste your breath on another episode of American Idol. I shudder when I think about how it's probably true that more of the population votes for this dumb show's contestants than for the President or members of our House and Senate. Then again, I don't really trust Bertha's opinion if she's so sucked into the television set that she hasn't realized the Ben & Jerry's pint container is stuck in her ass cheeks. So she can keep her vote, but for the rest of you, do yourselves a favor and turn it off. 


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